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The documents on the left are available as PDF files for viewing (just click) or downloading (right click, and save). They may be distributed freely so long as they are not changed.

The documents represent the views of a number of Overeaters Anonymous (OA) members who use the Big Book as a set of directions for working the Twelve Steps.

The Step 4 forms and the Step 11 form were originally produced by Blaine D. of Winnipeg, Canada, who has graciously consented to their use; they have been slightly modified.  

Thanks to Howard W. of Minneapolis, who has made the Step 4 and Step 8 forms computer interactive using any PDF reader. You can fill them out on your computer and then print them. Be careful not to overwrite the original once it’s on your computer.

Comments? Questions? You can send an e-mail here.

A ZIP version of the PDF files can be downloaded here.

This is the latest version (February 2019) of a Step Study book, with some significant changes, including the addition of examples of filled-out Step 4 and 8/9 forms in the Appendix.

You are welcome to download it and reproduce it under the following revised conditions: (1) not changed; (2) sold on non-profit basis (except for OA group fundraising); (3) does not use the phrase “OA” or “Overeaters Anonymous” on any cover or title page to make clear that this is not OA-approved literature; (4) does not contain the author’s name; (5) title indicates that this is a personal interpretation, for compulsive eaters, of the Big Book’s directions for working the Steps.

The author welcomes comments; email by clicking here. Thanks especially to Elise K. and Cheryle T for their helpful suggestions!

HEBREW VERSION: לחץ כאן להורדת התרגום בעברית של הסדנא Thanks to Sima H.!

GERMAN VERSION: Hier klicken, um zur Studie zum Blauen Buch in deutscher Sprache zu gelangen.

Thanks to Martina W.!

FRENCH VERSION:Cliquez ici pour une étude du Gros Livre en français. Thanks to Gilles V.!

Click here to download a book-length Step Study

This website is not affiliated with Overeaters Anonymous.

It represents the experience of some members of Overeaters Anonymous.

PLEASE NOTE: The documents, as well as the Step Study book available below, are not OA-Approved Literature. They reflect the personal experience, strength, and hope, of OA members who use the directions found in the Big Book to work the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous.

Examples of filled-out Step 4 and 8 & 9 forms: Click here.

Want Big Book directions for doing each step without lengthy explanations?  Click here (opens new window) and scroll down to “3rd Quarter”.

Spanish Translation: El Líder de Pasos del actual Estudio de Los Pasos

Last updated June 1, 2022

Podcast of a Big Book Study conducted March 27-29, 2009

Download fifteen MP3s to listen to an 11-hour Big Book Study.

Click on this link (pops up in new window) to go to a page where the fifteen MP3s are located so you can download them.

Please note: The link above may have some harmless but intrusive advertising when you try to download.

You can also download the same files by going to and searching for “oabb”.

Podcast of a Big Book Study conducted September 20-22, 2013

Go to and search for “oa big book copenhagen” or go to

Video webcast of a Big Book Study and Step Four Workshop May 18-20, 2018

The Unity Group of Minneapolis-St. Paul sponsored a Big Book Study and separate Step Four Workshop which are available as a recorded visual webcast.  It provides certain details not available in other podcasts. There are two presenters. A small fee is requested that keeps the link private. Click here.

Webcast of a Big Book Retreat April 6-8, 2018

The Channel Islands (California) Intergroup sponsored a Big Book Retreat which is available as a podcast. Click here.

Webcast of a Big Book Retreat September 14-16, 2018

The Greater Seattle Intergroup sponsored a Big Book Retreat which is available as a podcast.  It is the most recent version.  Click here and scroll down for September 2018.

Spanish Podcast of a Big Book Study Winter 2020

The Hay Una Solución Spanish-speaking Virtual Group sponsored a Big Book Study held over five weeks in January and February 2020, in which the English speaker’s words are translated into Spanish, which is available as a non-visual YouTube podcast. Click here for the first podcast. You may have to search around for the next podcasts, but they are all available.

Video webcast of a Big Book Study June 26-27, 2021

The Unity Intergroup of Minneapolis-St. Paul sponsored a Big Book Study. This is a visual webcast with audience interaction and clear highlighted pages from the Big Book and Step Four guides. There is one presenter. It is the latest version of a Big Book Study, and probably the most complete and informative. A small fee of $US5.00 is charged by the Intergroup for access. This allows for anonymity by keeping the links private. Click here to register and get access to the videos.

NEW VERSION OF Step Four FORMS: Our friend, Howard W. of Minneapolis, has been working on new versions. These versions will ONLY work on Adobe Reader.They are easier to fill out than the forms above, but require studying the directions very carefully. Because they are in a beta stage, please provide feedback to Click on each formon the right to open it.

Instructions Adobe

Resentment Form Adobe

Fear Form Adobe

Conduct Form Adobe